Student volunteers at Champlain College St. Laurent in Quebec created a series of activities in the days leading up to the unveiling of the #yellowisforhello campaign and installation of The Friendship Bench, in order to build awareness and excitement around the effort.

One of those campaigns saw students adhering PostIt Notes on all students’ lockers.

These included positive #YellowIsForHello messages such as, “Your smile is contagious” and, “You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You is Important.”

YISH Stickie 1
YISH Stickie 3
YISH Stickie 2

The goal, aside from building awareness and excitement about the launch of the #YellowIsForHello student-focused mental health initiative, was to inspire habits in students that generate daily positive thoughts and awareness of each other’s mental health.

We applaud the students and faculty at this school for making the mental health of students a top priority.